Nowadays everyone seems to be too focused on Facebook. Addiction to social media websites often distracts people from getting real work done and exploring other benefits the internet has to offer. This great article will discuss wonderful activities you can do online that will help you get over Facebook obsession.

Take on Online Courses

Online courses are a new trend amongst students and professionals alike. There are several advantages of taking online courses:

  • Impress hiring companies with online course certificates
  • Be a candidate for promotion or leadership with new technology skills
  • Learn more opportunities for business or career development
  • Gain quality education from other places in the world
  • Make connections with people from all over with wide expertise

Learning can be more fun with online courses and you will also be able to connect to the world with people who have similar academic interests as you.

Burst out Ideas by Blogging

If your use of Facebook is to express yourself, why not publish your thoughts in more detail with blogs. Blogs have great features:

  • Tools to upload big and clear pictures
  • Online payments per clicks
  • Several choices of font colors and styles
  • Amazing template designs
  • Wider audience who will comment and share your work
  • Ways on how to increase your facebook ratings through blogging

Blogs can help you highlight your daily experiences. It can also be a great tool for business and promotions. You should use blogs for your great advantage and make your voice heard in the internet world.

Shop Fast and Easy

Another amazing activity you can do online is shop. When you don’t have time to get your needs and wants personally, there are several online shops that will deliver you safe services and cool products right away. You can find online shopping services of malls nearby or you can even order quality items across shores just by connecting to the internet.


Participate in Forum Fun

Socializing can be done online by participating in forums. You can meet people in your city or in a whole different country based on similar interests through forums. Through forums you can participate in discussions on the latest issues or trends. You can also introduce new topics that people can take interest in.

Message Your Loved Ones

Facebook isn’t the only way to send your love to others. You can send a personal email to share your thoughts and experiences. You can also send a quick message of your thoughts through Yahoo Messenger, the hangout chats of Google Mail, Viber, and Skype. These messenger tools also allow you to attach documents and pictures that are easier to upload than on Facebook.

Take a break with Online Games

You can also surf the net during your break time to enjoy online games. There are a lot of games you can do for free and you would not need “friends” to level up on. Some of the types of games you can see are:

  • Farm and Sim
  • Adventure
  • Puzzles
  • Time Management
  • Hidden Objects

The internet has many activities that can help you relax or do daily tasks easier. Facebook can be fun but these new experiences will show you there are greater tasks that you can benefit from. Whether it’s socializing, expressing yourself, or gaining career opportunities…you can find it when you explore the internet.


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